The Long Mynd Soaring Association (LMSA) was formed in 1998 (TBC) to act as a liaison between the National Trust and the many model glider pilots that were using the Long Mynd.  The situation was brought to a head when an endangered species of bird started nesting on the Mynd in an area regularly over flown by models.


A group of modellers supported by the BMFA met with the National Trust at a very productive meeting.  The outcome was that the LMSA was formed, was granted a license to allow members to fly their models on the Mynd and the sites that were to be used were clearly documented on a map.  The agreement was based on a framework agreement between the National Trust and BMFA that also permitted members of the LMSA to use other National Trust approved sites elsewhere in the country.


The result has been that model glider flying has continued to thrive on the Mynd.  The Association has also meant that there is a contact point for the other users of the Mynd, principly the Midland Gliding Club(gliders) and the Long Mynd Soaring Club(paragliders).

The LMSA has also been able to co-ordinate model competitions on the Mynd to ensure that the interests of the majority are taken into account when competitions are organised.


The working relationship between the LMSA and the National Trust has been excellent, to the extent that model glider flying on the Mynd continues very successfully today.  Over the years the LMSA has negotiated some changes to the original license so that we now have additional sites available to us.  Please see the Flying Sites page for more information.


Any model glider pilots that intend to use the Mynd are strongly encouraged to join the LMSA, membership fees are minimal as the only significant cost is the National Trust license.  Anyone flying gliders on the Mynd must be a member of the BMFA

For additional information about the LMSA please use the Contact Us page.

The membership details can be (found here)

The LMSA Rules and Constitution can be found here

Due to the nature of the environment only gliders may be flown, no IC or electric powered models may be used.