Techone DLG 1000

Techone DLG 1000

I bought this model on a whim as a Christmas present to myself. I’ve always liked the idea of discus  launch gliders so decided to give it a go. It came from Sussex Model Centre at what seemed like a rather high price of £99.99 for a 1metre span model.
It arrived safely, well packed in the manufacturer’s box. There is no building, all 4 servos are fitted and even the decals are applied. Wings and tail are moulded EPP and the fuselage  consists of an moulded, hard plastic pod with a carbon boom.  The wings have appropriate carbon and plastic reinforcement. There is a T shaped main carbon spar, carbon stiffeners in the ailerons and plastic mouldings at the centre section and the tips.  Also I to box was a voltage controller to use with a lithium battery.
First problem at the start of assemble was the tail plane mounting was way out of alignment and this  took a lot of fiddling to sort out.  Second issue was the limited space in the pod to allow the leads from the aileron servos to be fed through to the receiver area. I improved this by enlarging the holes in the bulkheads but it still needs a pair of forceps to ease the leads though.

TechoneDLG-1000 on Box



I used a Redcon 6 channel micro receiver and an Nimh battery. This later is 400mah and weighs the same as a 300ma lipo with the voltage regulator. My set up as shown gave the correct balance without any extra weight and an all up weight of 240g. Wings, tail and front hatch are all secured with small nylon screws but no spares come with the model.
Flying:  First tests were hand launches in a flat field.  This gave a good glide and control but suggested it was never going to be much cop for me as a discus launch.  My launch technique is a bit weak and my radio didn’t allow programming in a launch setting. It does come with a fitted  tow hook and I sure it would be good with a high start.  

TechoneDLG-1000 with Annabel


A trip to Pole Cottage in a light wind was a revelation. It flew beautifully, tracking straight and responding perfectly to the controls. I was really surprised by the roll rate and its ability to do tight manoeuvrers.  I have never  done reverse hammer head stalls  with inverted recovery before, at least not on purpose. Despite the manoeuvrability it is very stable and can be flown with just the rudder and elevator.

Techone DLG 1000 cockpit

I have now flown it on several slopes in different places and conditions and always enjoyed the experience. It works in moderate winds down to almost dead calm.  The 400mah battery gives at least 2 hours of flying: certainly as much as I can manage. The only thing that has broken is the tail fin which hangs down in a rather exposed manner. I have added a small strip of carbon that I hope will prevent a reoccurrence.  I now always take the DLG 1000 with me when travelling round the country and this is aidded by being able to pack it back securely in its original box. The price begins to seem a more reasonable given the amount of fun I have had.   
The only negative thing I can add is that a friend who bought one after flying mine has had nothing but trouble with the servos stripping gears even before the plane was flown.

Robin Wilkin