LMSA Membership - 2021

Flying at Pole Cottage

Please remember to renew your membership for 2021!

LMSA Membership is open to people with a passion for flying model gliders.  
We have access to a number of sites on the Longmynd courtesy of the National Trust.  
Our membership fee is very low at just £5 per year, but you do also have to be a member of the BMFA.

The LMSA membership form is available here.

A copy of the LMSA Rules and Constitution can be found here.

A copy of the LMSA privacy statement can be found here

We do ask everyone that flys model gliders on the Longmynd to join the LMSA so that we can keep in touch.  If you are visiting the area you will generally find us on the slopes on a Sunday morning, but there are also groups that meet during the week when the conditions are right.