LMSA 2017 Membership

The LMSA welcomes new members who are interested in flying model gliders on the Long Mynd.

The LMSA is affiliated to the BMFA, so if you are already a member of that organisation, membership for the LMSA is just £5 per year.  For that you get access to the 6 excellent flying sites that the LMSA has negotiated access to with the National Trust.  The National Trust does require anyone flying model aircraft on the Long Mynd to be a member of the BMFA, this is to ensure that adequate insurance is in place.

Following the LMSA 2017 AGM the updated Membership form is available here.  Note change of secretary and address!

Please note that the BMFA membership is £34 for seniors this year.

The AGM has decided to maintain the LMSA membership to £5 this year. 

The National Trust have been increasing the annual License fee from the original £50 to £120 over the last few years, this has meant that the association reserves have started to be eroded.  Last year the AGM also took the view that the reserves should be increased as they had been at their previous level for many years, this has meant that their value in real terms has been eroded.

The membership fee of just £5 is still excellent value.  It means that LMSA members can continue to benefit from the outstanding flying sites that we have on the Long Mynd and maintain the reserves that we have in case they are required to support members interests.